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Get Involved

Help homeless families regain their independence.

We offer many opportunities to make a difference in the lives of the families we serve.


Volunteers are the backbone of our programs. Prepare a meal. Read a story. Help write a resume. Offer compassion and support. Even an hour of volunteering can change lives. Do you have time or talents that you would be willing to use to help others?

 Become a Host Site

Do you know of a space that could house 1-5 families for 1 week?  Is that space available 4 times a year?  Maybe your church has an empty office room or a vacant preschool room for 1-4 weeks in the summer...Find out how your organization can help.

Become a Support Partner

Do you know of a business, church, or group that has a desire to help children and families experiencing homelessness?  We are always looking for Support Partners.  Becoming a Support Partner might include but is not limited to: providing volunteers, sending someone from your organization to our monthly meetings to help facilitate communication, and/ or adding Family Promise as a line item in your budget, advertising our events, hosting a fundraiser benefiting our families experiencing homelessness.  Do you think your group might want to help our cause?

Attend, Advertise or Host an Event

Purchase a concrete Raincross, laugh at a Comedy Show, participate in a Night without a Bed, host a Virtual Fundraiser. These events help to engage support, raise funds, and spread the word about our mission to end family homelessness. These events are invaluable opportunities to create relationships with people and companies who want to make a difference in the lives of homeless parents and their children.

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