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Family Promise of Riverside began because a family with three young kids wanted to work together in their community.  The parents wanted to teach their kids how important it is to use your time and talents to help others.  They wanted to teach their kids to be humble servants, good stewards, and that we all need help from each other. 


Family Promise loves when kids and teens work together to help other kids and teens.

Children and teens with a desire to serve have helped us by hosting fundraisers, creating marketing campaigns, drawing pictures for us to use in advertising, giving presentations, telling their teachers, friends, and neighbors about Family Promise, being committee members, folding and stuffing brochures, leading our communications team, assisting with social media campaigns, cooking meals and more.  (Counts for community service hours as well.)


Reach out to us if your family, children or teens would like to help families experiencing homelessness. 

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